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Compliance comes from
Continuous Monitoring.
WorldWatch Plus® goes beyond passive solutions that routinely check a box against an aging database profile. Solutions are perfect for any industry.
WorldWatch Plus
WorldWatch Plus


Frictionless on-boarding and faster CDD review to reduce your investigative backlog.

Risk Management Platforms

Complete the risk picture with comprehensive coverage from all countries, updated daily.


Quick ID Document authentication and risk screening to onboard and approve subscribers.

Corporate Risk & Compliance

Screen vendors and customers to meet your compliance requirements, with automated monitoring alerts.

Background Screening

Use our CRA module for results you can use in your FCRA-compliance process.

WorldWatch Plus

Our Process Flow
For KYC Screening

These illustrations show WorldWatch Plus optionally handling the customer/applicant notifications for you. This is not a requirement. A URL for the customer/applicant onboarding experience is returned with the initial API call if you prefer to send via email or SMS to them directly.

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WorldWatch Plus

Functionality for
Risk Screening

Designed and built to be a search engine for publicly-available global risk data, to help organizations avoid and combat financial crimes. Two key and critical elements of the WorldWatch Plus® system are the search and filtering engine, and the underlying data being examined.

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